Generative AI based automatic modeling & medical solution

We apply deep learning-based 3D object implementation algorithms to the healthcare industry

About Us

Transcending the human realm with technology

Computer vision and parallel computing algorithm optimization are developing capabilities based on world-class technology.

Founded in September 2020, Kibo Venture Camp 9th & Excellent Company Selection in 2021, Try Everything 2021 Best Award, National Innovation 1000 Selection, Venture Company Certification, etc. Based on this, we are conducting clinical application and commercialization of dental prosthetics in 2022.

Our Mission

Our solution breaks down the industry's chronic sticking bottle necks, making it easy to enter even in the conservative dental market. Based on this, the mid-term goal is to release dental solutions that incorporate prosthesis production, diagnostic assistance, and calibration. In addition, we have a solid network of radiology and medical staff across Korea and the United States, and through this, we would like to enter various medical fields as well as dentistry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a global leadership position through standardization of technology, management, and data company core /assets. We would like to become a global leader in this field by exporting dental one-click solution platform using our own artificial intelligence engine.


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Deep learning-based automatic modeling (Dental field)

Our solution models clinically usable teeth only with our modeling algorithms without the manual intervention of dental technicians.

  • Acquire 3D information on the patient's oral environment
  • Rendering, 2D design, 3D design Automatic design of prostheses through AI stages (within 20 seconds, based on deep learning of existing dental data)
  • Our solution is compatible with all 3D printers and other CAM equipment, 3D Scanner, without any additional CAD S/W

Automation Solution Strengths

Professional level design creation, diversity of automatic design types

Excellence in process automation

AI handles the entire design area, solving the problem by utilizing a retraining algorithm through case learning rather than manual correction when a problem occurs

Low computation, high quality

3D design created by receiving 2D design and dental environment data, lower computation volume and higher quality results than conventional 3D GAN technology


Develop Brancher computation steps to solve square problems arising from 2D data, preventing precision degradation due to insufficient input information


Information generated from 2D design is injected into 3D design, resulting in organic behavior in one unified form, no mismatch in the matching process

Incorporating generative AI-based personalized modeling technology in all fields that can be joined

  • Automatic modeling of all types of prostheses such as bridge teeth, implants, and dentures
  • Development of personalized transparent braces using deep learning algorithms
  • In addition to dental prostheses, automatic bio-modeling of prostheses with excellent esthetics and individual fit based on actual body data
  • Replaces CAD design in all areas that require personalized modeling algorithms, such as furniture and facilities
  • All
  • WebCAD
  • AI-Modelling










Hyukjin Park


Jiwoong Yu


Sunggyul Lim

S/W Leader

Donghyun Kim


Devika Pathiyil

Senior Researcher

Wonjong Park

Senior Researcher


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